Frequently Asked Questions:

Features coming soon!

- Multiple file upload
- Re-arranging collections and Nabs
- Use tags from previous Nabs
- iOS App

What is Nabaroo's goal?

We're working to provide the best inspiration, community, and professional opportunity for visual artists worldwide. Nabaroo puts emphasis on user feedback to build out a product that includes all of your favorite features into one unified platform!

How was I selected for an invite?

Our team looks for talented artists in a number of ways, mainly through social networks such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Very often an artist's portfolio is referred to us by another artist on the site. Nabaroo is designed for industry professionals and students of art and design.

I'm busy right now...does the invite link expire?

Your invite link does not expire! We send out two email reminders after your first invite. You can join us at any time by clicking on the invitation link given in your email! No big commitment is necessary once you sign up. You're welcome to take your time exploring the network and upload your artwork at your leisure!

How do you differ from sites like Behance or Dribbble?

Nabaroo's focus is more on community than portfolio tools. Many of our users have Behance and/or Dribbble accounts and in fact share them with each other on the site!

But to be more specific ... in addition to portfolio tools, we have Discussions which is a great place to discuss industry topics and get to know other creatives. Also, we offer Multi-Network Posting which a lot of our more active social network users take advantage of. If you have artwork for sale, we make it easy for you to add a 'store link' that will direct buyers to where it can be purchased! These pieces of artwork are then shown in our Shop for the public to browse!

What really sets us apart is our customer driven development. We focus on user feedback to build out the product and are working towards providing artists with all of their favorite features into one unified platform!

How do I upload my artwork?

Use the plus (+) sign at the top left of your screen to upload as much of your artwork as you like! You retain all ownership that you have of any intellectual property you post to Nabaroo.

I have artwork for sale, how do I show it in your Shop?

Each time you upload a Nab of your artwork, simply copy the URL of the Store Link where it is available for purchase and paste it into the Store Link box (Etsy, Society6, RedBubble, etc.). Your artwork will then have a "Buy on" link and will show up in our Shop.

Nabaroo does not sell your artwork directly. The Shop simply directs interested parties to the store or website where it can be purchased.

How does Multi-Network Posting work?

You decide which network account(s) you want to Add under Settings (Social Network Accounts: Add/Remove) then when you create a Nab, simply check the box of each account(s) you wish to have your artwork post to! Only when you check the box will your artwork post to that network. The default setting is off. We will only post with your permission.

Can I invite other artists?

Yes! This is easily done by using the 'Send an Invite' button from your home feed sidebar. Nabaroo is designed for industry professionals and students of art & design. We trust that our users will use good judgement when 'nabbing' other artists to join us! The more talent we have in our community, the more outside traffic we get visiting the site, yielding more opportunity for you! We encourage you to invite others!

What's the point of Tags?

Tags categorize artist's work on Explore and Shop. The Tag is meant to help further describe an individual piece of work. When someone is looking for a certain type of work (e.g. Painting, Animation, Editorial illustration, Sculpture) and your artwork is tagged as such, it will be pulled up for view in search results!

Can I Direct Message an artist or is that for clients only?

Feel free to message other artists, we're all friends here!

What is the copyright policy?

Regarding copyright and licensing: You retain all ownership that you have of any intellectual property posted to Nabaroo! This is the same policy as sites like Twitter, Facebook, Dribbble, etc. When a piece of work is Re-nabbed by someone, full attribution to the original artist is always given.